How to verify you are on the latest version? 

  1. Visit
  2. Verify if you have the bottom footer with a ✅ or ❌  (if there's no bottom footer then follow the process to update to the latest version)

If ✅, then No Action Required

If you see a check mark ✅ on your current version, 
you're on the latest build and no further action is required

If ❌, then Action Required

If you see a ❌ then continue to read on how to update your Version

How to update to the latest version?

  1. Visit
  2. Click your user initials > Logout
  3. To update, scroll below to your Platform (Windows or  Mac)

Find your primary browser and follow instructions

Windows: Chrome | Firefox | Edge
Mac: Chrome | Safari | Firefox | Edge


Note: Due to lack of support and security issues on Microsoft 
Internet Explorer, we do not support the browser. Using it will
result in unpredictable behavior. 


For Microsoft Windows Users

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge 



For  Mac Users 

Google Chrome



Microsoft Edge